First Day of School!!

The kids first day of school!!! Austin is a Freshman, Jackson is in 8th grade, Dakota is in 5th grade, and Molly and Claire are in 3rd grade!! Is this possible??? Really are my babies this old, I remember the day each one of them was born it seems like yesterday.........God I love these kids!

Great Vacation to Bass Lake!

We had a great vacation to Bass Lake the kids really enjoy it and it's beautiful. Jason taught Claire and Molly how to drive the boat and Austin really loved tubing for the first time. He laughed the whole time and kept wanting to go again and again. This year it was Debbie and her kids, Sylvia and Garrett, and our whole crew it was a blast, can't wait till next year!

4th Of July!!

We had a busy 4th of July. The Twins and I went down to the park festival in Exeter and met Debbie and Danielle. Shawna was down for a visit so we got to see her and Shannon and visit that was nice. After the park we came home and picked up Jason and the boys and we all headed to Jason's Aunt Donna and Uncle Derald's house to visit with the family. Jason's mom was there along with Shane, Diana, and their two kiddos. This was the first time we had gotten to see Zoe since they adopted her and she is adorable! Zac has gotten so big too he is a smart little guy. After we swam and had dinner with them we headed home to do our big box of fireworks at our house. At the very end of the night we lit the fire pit out back and had smores before bed, it was a very nice holiday and the kids all enjoyed themselves!

Year End Bunco Trip!

We went to my sister's cabin for our year end bunco trip. It was nice just us girls from Friday to Sunday. It was a nice break from the kids and we had lots of great drinks and lots of great laughs!! I always look forward to our year end trips I can just unwind and relax the only problem is we eat wayyyy to much because everyone brings way to much food but we all have a great time. I love to make them all laugh until they can't stand it, till they are crying, they are laughing so hard, then they all tell me I am crazy which I already know! Jennifer brought us all cool cups for our beers mine said "Sarcasm just another service I offer" it was great!

Jackson's 2nd year at Camp TQ!

Jackson had a great week at camp Tulequoia! His one to one Kevion was great and Jackson seemed to really enjoy himself. Matthew Epstein was one of his roomates and a great friend to him. He helped guide Jack in the right direction all week and it was a huge success for him. He was really glad to see all of us on Friday, he missed us but he kept telling me "that was fun camping friends" so I know he loved it!

Zoo Fun!

Deb and I took the kids to the zoo last week it was lots of fun! Then we went for a ride on the train afterwards and let the kids play in the water at playland/storyland.